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7 Essential Nail Polishing Tips

Having neat looking nails that have been painted neatly and intricately decorated can transform how you look and feel. If you have always felt your nail game needs improving, you’ve come to the right place. In the following post we are going to look at some great nail painting tips that once incorporated into your […]

Beauty Trends

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

Hyperpigmentation happens when there is too much melanin produced in certain areas of skin. It causes darkened and flat patches on the skin that can be anything from light brown to black in tone and vary in shape and size. Although it can be distressing as it appears on your hands, face and other visible […]


Should You Hire a Life Coach?

Are you stuck in a rut a work, and feeling as if you should be moving up the ladder but it’s not happening? Perhaps you lack confidence and feel that you’re not worthy of promotion? How is your home life? Do you struggle to keep everything in order, or are you having trouble with a […]

Beauty Trends

Things to Do at Home

Do you feel as if you do the same thing every week, fortnight or month for that special date night you and your significant other have? Do you always end up going to the same restaurant or doing the same activity? If you are looking for a fresh idea or two, we have for you. In […]


Manuka honey Facts

Standard honey, you can buy in shops only overall contains a minimal amount of antibody properties this why unless you take a giant amount of it will do very little to help cure a cold or flu or other medical conditions overall. UMF stands for”Unique Manuka Factor” this is a system a business invented to […]


Rolex: Time to revisit a modern classic?

Many contemporary brands seem to be under the misguided impression that all consumers are interested in these days, particularly those of us of the “younger generation”, is appearance; that we are all about the bling and that beyond the superficial we really don’t care what’s going on. This seems to have become particularly true of […]