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7 Essential Nail Polishing Tips

Having neat looking nails that have been painted neatly and intricately decorated can transform how you look and feel. If you have always felt your nail game needs improving, you’ve come to the right place. In the following post we are going to look at some great nail painting tips that once incorporated into your nail routine, will ensure you never leave the house with bad-looking nails again.

It All Starts with the Base

Applying a base coat will add extra time to your routine, but it is crucial that you this as it gives the top layer polish something to grip onto. This means that your manicure will last a few days longer and will also stop your nails from being stained by pigmented nail polish.

Just Three Strokes

Although you may have developed your own technique that involves a gazillion strokes, you will achieve better results if you stick to using just three strokes when applying nail polish. Ideally, dip the brush and coat the edge of the brush with a reasonably-sized bead of paint, then make the polish do the work for you. Spread it as you place it on the nail, remembering that the brush is just there to direct it where it should go. Work from the base upwards, stroking first to the left and then to the right, before going down the centre.

Invest in Cuticle Oil and Use It

Cuticle oil is essential as it helps you to achieve that ‘just out the salon’ look. Before applying nail polish, apply the cuticle oil to hydrate your nails. You can also apply it over your nails once they have been polished, as it provides some slip and can help protect your nails from nicks, if you accidentally bang your fingers against something.

Stop shaking the Bottle

We’ve all done it but shaking the bottle could cause air bubbles for form inside the lacquer or on your nails when you paint them. Instead, roll the nail varnish bottle between your hands back and forth, while keeping it vertical.

Avoid, if Possible, Quick-Dry Polishes

They may seem like a great timesaver, but it is probably best to make more time to do the job properly and avoid using quick-drying nail polishes. As they are normally very dehydrating, they can cause your nails to dry out.

Make Use of Old Lip Brushes for Tidying Nail Edges

At one time or another, we’ve all done it. Haven’t we? Painted outside the lines. However, when it comes to tidying up, you want to be as precise and clean as you can. Rather than trying to use cotton or something similar, use an old lip brush with your nail polish remover to swipe around the nail bed to make those edges really pop.

Keep Painted Nails Away from Hot Water

Avoid doing your nails and then taking a shower or washing the dishes. Hot water and nail polish are sworn enemies. The nail bed expands in hot water, making your neat and tidy nail polish expand along with it, which in turn causes cracks.

Following the above tips will help to elevate your nail game, but that’s not enough check out the forum at Nail Culture for more tips and suggestions.

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