Baler Twine and PP Rope Supplies Worldwide

Sometimes it is the simple products that do the main part of the most important jobs. In the world of agriculture, this is often the case. A lot of agricultural processes are still very much hands-on – and all across the world are done necessarily in the same way – and the same products are used internationally by thousands of companies and individuals on a daily basis.

Take something as simple as baler twine which is used all the time in the agricultural world, and often in other areas of industry and commerce. Strong, cheap and yet essential, twine such as this needs to provide quite exceptional strength, and comes in a variety of different types and sizes. If we are to be honest, there is much more to baler twine than meets the eye, as this simple product needs to meet certain criteria if it is to be used out in the fields and on farms across the world as intended.

UV Resistance

Baler twine needs to be strong and also needs to be resistant to abrasion. It will be subjected to seriously hard work when put to the use it is intended for, and therefore needs to be specially made to the highest standards. It also needs to be able to withstand UV light; it will, by its very nature, be outside in the sun for lengths of time and as such will be subject to UV exposure over long periods.

The same properties are also required of polypropylene rope, which is similarly used in a wide variety of applications in agriculture and elsewhere. The PP rope developed and produced by Asia Dragon, for example, is designed to be used in all conditions, is UV resistant, weatherproof and very strong, and is favoured by fisherman as it can float on both fresh and salt water.

Asia Dragon, a leading provide of twine and rope based in Vietnam, is dedicated to serving agriculture and industry worldwide with its range of products, and has a reputation for excellent service and fine products at very sensible prices.

Horticultural Twine

The horticultural world also has demands for strong, affordable twine, and Asia Dragon is a major player in this market, too. Supplied across the world to commercial growers, they can also supply tomato and greenhouse twine – a well as a variety of other products in the same genre – that is perfect for the intended job and popular with regular users.

A range of packaging twines is also available, so you can be certain that the industry you are involved in will be served well by the product range at Asia Dragon, and this is a company with a commitment to quality products and reliable service that has a worldwide customer base.

Check out the full range of twines, ropes and other products at Asia Dragon now, and see how you can save money on your regular twine usage and still achieve the levels of quality you need on a daily basis.

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