Beauty Trends

I love watches

I love wearing jewelry. Any of my friends or family can attest to that. I remember that once a friend asked me why I was wearing so many jewels. “Sarah, why are you wearing so many jewels anyway?” He said. I can not remember what I said, very likely something distant or distant because I […]

Beauty Trends

The Top 5 Womens Wardrobe Staples

It seems that all women across the country have the same mantra: “I have nothing to wear!” It looks like our closets are full to the brim with nice dresses, tight jeans, top-of-the-line clothes, scruffy clothes, comfy fabrics, high heels, ballerinas, purses, wallets, wallets … the list goes on . I do not remember how […]


The Must-Read Skin Care Guide

We all want a kind of leather that is bristled. However, there will be something that manifests itself in the form of aging to wrinkles and even acne. If you want fresh, young people are looking for a skin then you need to read it. Welcome to the Skin Care Handbook! 8 glasses of water […]



Good morning! I must admit that being a semi-adult is hard work. I suspect that I’m not even to the center part of being an adult, ya know, the gooey-chocolatey center that which makes a person an adult. (Somehow I believe people have mushy, chocolatey centers…it’s 8AM and it’s like, 40 degrees out so let’s […]


Whats using all the electricity?

Ever wonder where the biggest chunk of your utility bill comes from? It actually comes from your appliances, namely your refrigerator. It is the chief energy guzzling appliance in your home, consuming a whopping 13.7% of house-hold energy, over 1000 Kilowatts of electricity a year, and nearly five times the electricity of a color TV., […]


Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for Him

It’s getting closer to this time of year when most men have to spend time choosing the perfect restaurant to take their loved one for a Valentine’s Day meal. In truth, it is much easier for men to fulfill their role in the day because the gifts they buy are not very inspiring. chocolates, flowers, […]