Rolex: Time to revisit a modern classic?

Many contemporary brands seem to be under the misguided impression that all consumers are interested in these days, particularly those of us of the “younger generation”, is appearance; that we are all about the bling and that beyond the superficial we really don’t care what’s going on. This seems to have become particularly true of watches, with almost every fashion house having their own line of timepieces (usually made for them by someone else) which may well reflect the brand on the surface and claim to be a “statement piece” but beneath are essentially bland, generic and mass produced as cheaply as possible.

Thankfully there are still manufacturers out there who appreciate that women care equally  about quality, reliability and accuracy in a watch as men do and continue to produce watches which are not only great to look at but also offer impeccable performance and longevity. Among the brands bucking the trend of ever declining standards and spiralling prices are Rolex, the market leading Swiss company whose British origins are still apparent in their classic designs. Globally recognised as the ultimate high-end watchmaker the Rolex name remains prevalent in popular culture and a society byword for the ultimate in luxury. The company features among Forbes’ list of the most powerful brands producing around 2,000 watches a day, which is a staggering figure given the precision and quality inherent within each piece.

Rolex’s patented oyster-perpetual movements are world-renowned, carrying COSC certification and backed by a 5 year guarantee. Indeed so confident are they in their product that Rolex recently changed the recommended service intervals for their watches from 3 to 10 years, reflecting how continued development has improved the performance, durability and reliability of Rolex parts and materials to levels most other watchmakers can only aspire to.

Of course such quality comes at a price, but these things are relative, after all one wouldn’t expect to pick up an Audi A8 for the same price as a Ford Focus and Rolex are renowned for having an excellent resale market, so even if you decided that your Rolex wasn’t for life (though quite why you would is anybody’s guess) it could very well prove to be an excellent investment. In addition, Rolex watches aren’t as expensive as you may think. Yes, they do cater for the ultra-expensive tastes with some variants but Rolex are savvy enough to ensure their range has a broad and accessible appeal and there are some truly excellent models available at extremely reasonable prices. Our guide to the cheapest new Rolex watches will give you a little more background on the most popular of these.

Should further encouragement be needed, bear in mind that what would traditionally be referred to as “ladies” watches in the Rolex range are generally considerably less expensive than the equivalent gent’s version, which is often far from the case with other marques. This is because Rolex prices are largely governed by the cost of raw materials and the larger a watch is, the more expensive. A 24mm, 26mm or 29mm case Rolex will therefore retail for less than an effectively identical watch in a 36 or 40mm case. Remember, whatever your preference all models come supported by the same 5 year official warranty. Furthermore, Rolex offer a range of case sizes and dial colours for some of their most popular models so that there should be one to fit every wrist and taste, rather than the more “take it or leave it” approach of many other makes with only one set configuration or size for ladies. (Or gents). This tailored approach is part of the unique appeal of Rolex, giving the lucky owner the feeling that in a world full of uniformity and imitation they are truly buying into something special.

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