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Do you feel as if you do the same thing every week, fortnight or month for that special date night you and your significant other have? Do you always end up going to the same restaurant or doing the same activity? If you are looking for a fresh idea or two, we have for you. In the following post we will highlight some great ideas for enjoying a date with your date from the comfort of your own home.

Have a Classic Movie Night

Pick a couple of your favourite movies (one for each of you, no bailing out guys even if she picks a chick flick) and make it feel like cinema. Get the nachos, popcorn, fizzy drink and lots of other treats and snacks. Switch the lights off and close the curtains to have the full theater effect.

Cook and Prepare a Surprise Three Course Meal

This requires a little planning and preparation, but it’s worth it. You could each take turns to make a three-course meal for the other. It can be fun to have a set price limit, with which you have to work with. The time, effort and imagination will just make the surprise even sweeter.

Have a Spa at Home

How about a spa? Bit too expensive or don’t want to leave the house? You don’t have to if you buy a spa gift basket. not only is sharing spa treatments with your partner a great way to spend some quality bonding time, you will both benefit from those treatments making you both look and feel better. So, you could have a spa at home.

Give Each Other a Massage

Following on nicely from the above suggestion and something you could do with any left-over spa treatments is that you could both take it in turns to get each other a massage. Aside from the heightened intimacy, a massage is a great way to get rid of those aches and pains and the stresses of the day. It’s even better when it comes from someone you love.

Collaborate on An Art Project

Many of you probably wrinkled your noses a little when you read that subheading, but this is a great way to spend some quality time with one another. There is no need to be incredibly artistic or skilled with pencils, crayons or even paints. The idea is that you are working together on something special, and the process is more important than the end result.

Blind Taste Some Strange Foods

You could order a collection of interesting and exotic foods that neither of you have tried before and then setup a blind test. So, you each take turns to wear a blindfold and sample some new food and then take guesses as to what you think it is. This could ideally work with more common dishes and foods too and is a lot of fun, especially when there’s a particularly strong flavoured or peculiarly tasting ingredient.

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